Our Mission

Blike’s mission is to make your commute fun.

We are a new cycle-to-work scheme that provides a great range of bikes and e-bikes along with everything you need for your ride at one affordable monthly cost.

What we do

We aim to make cycle-to-work super easy and hassle-free.

You choose your bike, accessories and tax-free payment plan; ride worry-free while Blike insures, maintains and services your bike and allows you to cancel or upgrade at any time. Blike provides an efficient, effortless and full-service way for business communities to make a real difference.

Where to find us

Blike’s focus is currently London.

As a company has bigger ambitions and sees e-bikes as the future for city travel in towns across the UK and beyond.

Our Story

Blike’s founders are passionate people. Tim is terrific with tech, Steve is fabulous with finance, Tom is brilliant with bikes and Agata is cool with customers. We love e-bikes, they get you places faster, greener and healthier but you don’t need buns of steel to ride them.

Tim Carrigan

Founder & CEO

Steve Ellis

Founder & CFO/CRO

Thomas Hipwell

Chief Bike Officer

Agata Tarczynska

Chief Operating Officer

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